6 New Business Ideas with a Spark of Originality

It is not a question of inventing the wheel, but of providing a touch of creativity to businesses that already exist.


A hybrid between hotel and boutique

Hotels reinvent themselves to get closer to the practices of retail trade. The future is about offering differentiated proposals, trying to give the tourist the best of the local culture instead of those standard products that we are accustomed to seeing in the shops of the hotels.

Also, in the alliance between trade and hotels, with new Multi-format formulas, such as that offered by the Hotel bakery in Barcelona Praktik Bakery, designed to make your guests wake up with the smell of freshly baked bread.

Products with a handmade touch

The impulse of the ecological culture and the return to the origins, the search of the natural and the traditional creates opportunities to defend proposals of food elaborated of all type of form: cheeses, sausages, wineries of author … Products that can not be purchased anywhere else, but for their quality they deserve to be in the best gourmet shops in the world.

Bike Parking

Around the boom of the bike in the cities have already emerged many new businesses in recent years. But there is still an uncovered need: where to safely leave the bike? In some cities, bicycle parking has already been created, but the offer is still insufficient and in many others there is not.

There may be opportunities for innovative street parking solutions, such as those developed by the British Cyclehoop, or better, in closed and supervised premises, such as traditional car parking. Or underground, although more difficult to implement: take a look at the Eco Bicycle Parking of the Japanese Giken.

Segmented offers for tourists

Also, in the tourism sector, you can differentiate yourself with accommodation offers Only adults or offering services to the P2P apartments that they visit regularly. The Spanish BnBSitter is developing just that idea in Barcelona: delivery of keys and cleaning service and laundry for apartments that rent the private ones.

He also thinks that there are more and more hotels and restaurants that offer healthy experiences for both leisure and business travellers. A change that you can take advantage of offering yourself quality products: gluten free, for vegans, detox breakfasts or new processing processes, such as vegan and allergy pastries provided by Muuglu.

Another almost untapped niche is the rich and healthy food for older tourists. A need that will increase to satisfy an increasingly numerous and demanding senior consumer. And in which it is investing a lot within the food industry. Look for the term growing young to delve further into this recent trend.

There are also opportunities offering sports plans to maintain a healthy lifestyle away from home, such as those offered by some hotels, with cardio machines in some rooms or running routes; Even the possibility of going out to run with their employees. Research on platforms that bring different types of sports, such as the portal woow, for bikes, and register your business (accommodation, travel agency, event and any other local business) such as bike friendly.

Alternative routes

There are also opportunities around very specific leisure proposals, such as museum trips, history, photographic routes through cities, graffiti or urban art routes, vegan routes and even the route of Sabina offer already innovative agencies such as MadWay or Carpetania.

Low cost buses

But to travel abroad. It is a market that has not been exploited and wants to develop the British Megabus. At the moment, it only has routes from Barcelona, but the idea is to keep opening new ones. It offers international travel with aggressive discounts (from a pound) with a bus format which includes more seats and travelers, to make the journey profitable.

Adaptation for millennial’s

The millennial’s have become the most attractive potential customers for many, because of their increased purchasing power as they enter the labor market and because they are very avid travelers. Yes, also very particular. They look for hotels in which the technology is very present (WiFi is given for granted and offered free also). To attract them includes innovations such as check-in through the mobile, or AutoCheck-in, as the Galician literary Hotel San Bieito, spaces to share reading and large tables to eat in company with other travelers.

And why not an assistant robot like the one offered by the Hotel Aloft Cupertino to draw your attention and encourage you to share your experience in social networks?

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