6 Profitable Tourism Business Ideas to Create Your Own Company

If we look at society for a moment, we would be amazed. Everyone says he has no money, but when we go out into the street and see all the terraces full, the restaurants up and people in all the shops, we wonder: Where do they get it?

It is clear that if you have to cut into something it is not going to be at leisure. Too much to pull the week, the house, the work, the children, the classes… to stay at home and depressed. That’s what we think most citizens and the evidence I refer to.

For this reason, businesses that want to meet these leisure needs of society have a very wide market, with many opportunities. If you have reached this point, you want to undertake but do not know what business to put, I give you some more profitable business ideas focused on tourism, leisure and fun, with which you can generate great benefits and be your own boss:

1. Build a Restaurant

Opening a restaurant has become one of the most successful businesses ever. On every weekend no one wants to cook at home and much less want to scrub dishes. And weekdays there are people who for their work and lifestyle do not have time to make the food at home and have the need to eat out.

To open a restaurant you need to have a savings to form the company and buy furniture, hiring employees, etc. But if you have little money and want to start a food business there are other options to devote yourself to this and it doesn’t have to be open a restaurant:

  • Food at home through a website
  • Sell to other restaurants
  • Create a catering service
  • Undertake with a food truck

2. Tours

You can dedicate yourself to making routes, whether they be gastronomic, nocturnal, biking or electric skateboards.

The night tours are less seen, the fact is that tourists increasingly want to visit the city at night due to the weather or the charm of the city when the sun goes down.

The night tours can consist of routes that cross the most historical streets of the city, monuments, churches, parks, you can also teach the main bars and nightclubs in the area.

3. Rent of houses or apartments

There are tourists who instead of prefer to stay in a hotel, prefer to rent an apartment or house when they will stay many days in a place, as it has more space and amenities.

A good option would be to promote the apartments on a website and promote it through social networks.

4. Travel Agencies Online

Consumer habits are changing, buying online and also making reservations for flights or hotels online.

In addition there are many companies, especially hotels, that by making the booking online, they make discounts on packages and offer you other advantages like bonus with money to spend in the hotel. It is a form of loyalty to the client and offer a good service of attention.

5. Travel Blog or Travel magazine

Open a blog with information about tourist destinations, where you can count your experience or that of others and be useful to readers who travel to that destination.

To bring profitability to the blog or magazine, the ideal would be to play with advertising on the blog and create collaborations with other companies in the sector to attract visitors and generate good income.

6. Apps for Smartphones

Practically most use their smartphones to look for anything on the Internet. Thanks to the smartphone boom, the development of apps has become a very profitable and necessary business for consumers.

An app allows to simplify the daily activity of a user, offering information about a product, the city, the place of interest, the main restaurants most valued, or allowing you to make reservations to hire a transport service for Move.

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