7 New Concepts that Could Make Your Trip Different

7 new hotel concepts that could make your trip different:

1. Nano Hotels (with a more than respectable room)

From the hotel for art lovers who has launched the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vigo (MARCO) with a single room, to the taxi that during the London Olympics has become a hotel room, in recent years have emerged different examples of Ultra Small hotels designed to provide a unique limited experience to a truly small number of travellers a year.

Here are some interesting examples of this trend:

  • Hotel MARCO (Vigo, Spain)
  • Taxi Hotel (London)
  • Hotel One by the Five (Paris)
  • Toil√© de Kallio Hotel Room (Helsinki)

2. Tailor-made experiences

Fashionable to books, the tendency of personalization does not seem to go out of fashion and it was time for them to move to the hotels. With the idea in mind to offer a unique experience and offering a system of price modules to which we already have accustomed other sectors like the one of the airlines, these hotels offer from rooms that are made to measure (Waterklake, Grace Hotel), to Personalized check in and check-out times (Starwood), through handmade soaps and cut at the moment (Viceroy Riviera Maya) According to customer’s tastes:

  • Waterlake Hotel (UK)
  • Grace Hotel (Sydney)
  • Viceroy Riviera Maya (Mexico)
  • Starwood Hotels (Worldwide)

3. Ecotourism moves to the city

Sightseeing and being responsible ecologically is no longer limited to rural hotels and mountain camps, hotels like Charlotte’s Ritz-Carlton offer a luxury travel experience without sacrificing respect for the environment: parking for Bicycles and load of electric vehicles, uniforms made in recycled materials for the staff, beehives on the roof to help the pollination of the environment while generating the honey consumed in the hotel:

  • Ritz Carlton Charlotte (Charlotte, USA)
  • Waldorf-Astoria (New York)
  • Royal York Hotel (Toronto)
  • The Quartier DIX30 (Montreal)

5. Luxury hotels that provide worldly experiences

True luxury may no longer be just a large room, a huge TV or a bathroom that looks like a SPA. Or so they seem to have started to think about these hotels, which have added to the standards of luxury classic experiences that go beyond the valuables and let you enjoy what the world offers for free, in a different way.
Here are some interesting examples of this trend:

  • Sky View Suites in L’And Vineyards (Portugal)
  • Waldorf-Astoria (New York)
  • Hilton Whistler Resort and Spa (Canada)

6. From tecnohoteles to hotels for geeks

Travellers are increasingly connected and we therefore expect that hotels will provide us with services that will allow us to enjoy our gadgets. Every time it is more common to enjoy custom plugs for Apple devices, Wi-Fi networks, music libraries via Spotify, .. But, in addition, if you have left your toys at home, these hotels provide you with the IPads room and ebooks to entertain you:

  • The Berkeley (London)
  • New York Plaza (New York)
  • Hollman Belletage (Vienna)
  • Fairmont Hotels (Worldwide)

7. New Themes in theme hotels: Music, cinema, books, wine, car racing

We have already presented them to you before, the theme hotels seem to be consolidated beyond the amusement parks and Las Vegas. From hotels focused on wine experience hosted by vineyards, to hotels inspired by literature, motoring, cinema, music,… One more way to live the trips in which your hotel not only reflects the type of traveler you are, but your hobbies and interests in your daily life.

  • V8 Hotel (Germany)
  • NHow (Berlin)
  • Astoria 7 (San Sebasti√°n)
  • Hotel de las Letras (Madrid)

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