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Only a few weeks ago we spoke in this post of the inauguration of the Hotel Joan Miró Museum. We made a relationship between the art and the hotel, merging that is becoming very fashionable in the hospitality sector. Researching a little on the net we have found several hotels that support the same merger strategy. In this post we have based on a selection of that has revealed the ten best artistic accommodations best valued according to the guest’s opinion.

All of them have five points in common that we list below:

  1. They have received the Gold Award at the Loved by guests awards.
  2. These are five-star hotels.
  3. All of them do not have an appraisal, on the part of the guests, less than 4.7 over 5.
  4. They have an active account on a social network. Most of them participate in Twitter. When we list each of the selected hotels we will facilitate access to your Twitter account, in case you have one.
  5. They are considered luxury hotels.

Let’s start with the list of artistic hotels you have selected

The Surrey (New York): @SurreyHotelNYC

Hardly this hotel could be better valued by its guests. It has a score of 4.7 over 5 according to the guests who have stayed in it. As they say, the hotel looks like the house of an art collector. It has an art gallery that is to be envied. The centerpiece is a Chuck Close tapestry that occupies a whole wall and depicts Kate Moss. The hotel maintains nuances Art deco that merges with a design of the 90 years, with works by artists such as Jenny Holzer, Cecily Brown and Richard Serra. Guests are all exposed so that guests can contemplate them.

Rooms are available from €480 per room and night. He has recently received a Gold Award from’s Loved by guests awards.

The First Luxury Art Hotel (Rome): @thefirsthotel

This hotel could be confused with an Italian contemporary art gallery. Each room looks like a small private gallery. In the public areas the same hotel organizes temporary exhibitions and maintains other permanent ones.

As an added value, we emphasize that the hotel has an art advisor who is responsible for providing information on the exhibited works. In this way, if the guest wants to know more about some of the works can be addressed to him. The advisor also manages the marketing of some of the works that are on sale. This hotel is valued with the same score as the previous one, 4.7 over 5. The price of the room is not lower than €342 per room and night.

Hotel Éclat (Beijing): @eclat_beijing

This hotel has the largest private collection of works by Salvador Dalí from all over China. In addition, in the rooms and in the common areas you can find more than 100 artworks by artists such as Andy Warhol, Pierre Matter, Zhang Guolang, Chen Wen Ling, Gao Xiao Wu and Zou Liang.

One will be able to stay in your rooms paying from €258 per room and night.

The Art (Denver): @DenverArtHotel

In this case, the hotel combines contemporary design with high-tech facilities. The hotel has two art galleries, as well as other works that can be found in the public areas and rooms. The most outstanding work is an artistic installation with more than 22,000 lights.

The hotel restaurant is also very attentive. It receives the name of fire which is endowed with various artistic details like large lamps and kinetic sculptures related to the fire. Its rooms have a minimum price of 198 € per room and night.

21 Museum Hotel (Louisville): @ 21cLouisville

The 21 Museum Hotel is a museum, yes, but it is also a hotel. It is possibly one of the most authentic tourist-artistic fusions. The building in which the tourist can both stay and make a cultural visit is a renovated warehouse of the nineteenth century. The hotel has several rooms but highlights the Asleep in the Cyclone. This one is in the basement and is completely constructed of wood and decorated with exclusive fabrics. This suite also includes a vaulted sculpture on the ceiling, as you can see in this link where pictures are displayed.

All the artworks of the hotel and museum are the most interesting and amusing, and they pay homage to contemporary artists from all over the world who are still alive. The price of each room is part of a minimum of €198 per room and night.

South Place Hotel (London): @southplacehotel

It is a hotel of the most elegant in London. It has 80 rooms and each one of them is decorated with modern works of Art of London artists. In some common areas of the hotel, such as the lobby and restaurant, you will find very prestigious avant-garde works. Each year the hotel celebrates a competition dedicated to the new graduates of the London School of Art. The winner of this competition will be able to showcase his work in the hotel showcase.

The price to stay at this hotel is from €226 per room and night.

Andaz Masterdam Prinsengracht (Amsterdam): @AndazAMS

This hotel is situated in an old building where the main public library of Amsterdam was located. This hotel predominates a Inspitada theme in the novel by Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland. In addition to the surrealist details typical of the Tmática chosen, the guest can also find a collection of video art.

The guest can stay at this hotel from a minimum price of €338 per room and night.

New Art Hotel (Athens)

This hotel stands out for its environmental philosophy, since it has been built with techniques that do not harm or harm the environment. Among other things, he has tried to recycle all the material that belonged to the previous building. In fact, to get these results the hotel designers consulted local architecture students to make sure not to break up with the city style. The hotel manages to integrate and merge into the city thanks to details from contemporary artists who manage to reflect the character of Athens.

What doesn’t have this hotel is an active Twitter account like all previous ones. If you have it on Facebook and you can visit it on this link. Rooms are available from €163 per room and night.

Palace Hotel (Tokyo)

The owners of this hotel are truly art lovers. Other than that the same establishment can be considered a work of art, the hotel offers an art package to its guests, which includes private excursions of artistic theme throughout the city. Still, if the guest wants to enjoy some of the best Japanese works of art you can find them in the same rooms of the hotel and in the common areas.

As a peculiarity, we want to comment that in each room, guests will find a book written by the owners entitled ‘ The Art of the Palace Hotel ‘. Yes, the cost of the stay is of the most expensive compared to the previous hotels: €484 per room and night.

Le Palais Art Hotel (Prague)

This hotel is located in a palace built in the year 1897 and is one of the best examples of the architecture of the Belle Epoque that one can find in the Czech capital. The interior of the hotel is decorated with majestic paintings of contemporary Czech artists. Contemporary art exhibits are offered in the lobby.

The price of each room is part of €223 per night. This hotel also does not participate in Twitter but it does on Facebook. In this link you can check it.

And here comes the selection of hotels. As we can see there are none Spanish. We will think about writing about it, because for the writing of some posts we have discovered that some are at national level. It would be interesting to discover them and make them known. We will leave it for another entry in our blog.

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