Hotel Design Should Be Efficient

The design of the hotels is now focused on creating open and luminous spaces; They should also be smaller and more efficient in order for the investment to prove fruitful.

For the development of a hotel to be business it is necessary to focus the architecture as a solution within a very clear investment range, said the director of the Office of Architects of Anda and Associates, VĂ­ctor de Anda.

The former project and equipment director of Grupo Posadas opined that the design stage is essential for a hotel to be efficient, as is the choice of materials, specifications, constructive methods, programming of the Work and project Executive.

From their point of view, the trends seek to make the spaces more reduced and efficient, because it is no longer necessary that the hotels, even those that are aimed at entrepreneurs, have business centers.

“Every time we require fewer spaces dedicated to work,” said the architect, giving a lecture at the International Building Hall (SAIE), held at the World Trade Center Mexico City (WTC).

He added that building less square meters for the supply of food and beverages makes the cost of investment more efficient, so it is necessary to design areas that serve for various purposes. exemplified with kitchen and stores, which can be used for cafeteria and for restaurant.

As for the common spaces, the designs must be illuminated and open, and a solution to achieve it may be that the lobby, the restaurant and the reception are part of the same space, explained de Anda.

He mentioned that this is used to make a minimum conversion to adapt the hotel to the trends of the moment and avoid that it has an outdated appearance, a fact that also competes with furniture, because they are not so durable, because it is necessary to renew them to give Freshness and topicality.

The materials for the finishes have to be simple and natural, so that they are easy to maintain and give an impression of amplitude and illumination, he said. He added that the woods, stones, sands for textured finishes and ceramic tiles mark the current trend in the world hotels.

As we can see the design of the hotel has a lot of natural light entrance, its architecture is avant-garde, all its details are made clear by its functionality, it has a reception, an extensive dining room, a gymnasium, conference rooms, lounge Entertainments, etc. Then we leave the plans so you can see more carefully the details of this wonderful architectural work.

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