Hotel Trends for 2017

It is usual and typical that, when the first weeks of a new year arrive, the tendencies that are expected will be detected. That’s typical doesn’t mean it’s useless. It’s never too much to start the year by taking a look at what’s around us and start to intuit what may be in a few more months.

This time we have noticed the hotel tendencies that the British newspaper Telegraph has intuited. The list that this diary has drawn up includes 9 hotel trends for 2017. Then we will discuss and look for various examples that show the trend.

  1. Restaurants and hotels. There are several mergers that we have seen in recent years between hotels and restaurants. In fact, in this post, which we wrote a few months ago, this fusion “restaurant-hotel” is highlighted as a multi-functional feature of boutique hotels. And it is that the gastronomic culture is sticking very strong in our country and this fact is presented as an opportunity for the hotels.
  2. Smart Hotels. We spoke last year of the first hotel without people and equipped only with robots. Here you can read what was written regarding this hotel. It seems that one of the tendencies of the hotels will continue to be to introduce technological elements that make better the experience of the guests. We will have to see if this tendency leads to replacing people by machines. As always, we assume that the best option will be to know them combine.
  3. Different buildings and spaces. It’s not all technology. It will also be a trend to choose original spaces to locate the hotels as well as to take advantage of old buildings or for different functions than to host the guest.
  4. Adaptation to the millennial’s. There are many changes that have taken place in recent years. These changes cause the hotel industry to feel invited to conform to the new demands of the guests. There is a clear trend on the part of the hotels aimed at adapting to the millennial’s. New low cost brands are emerging as well as strategies with a more local approach, based on lifestyle, locality and greater personalization.
  5. Chain mergers. Perhaps due to the high level of competition, many hotel chains have decided to agree on alliances and mergers that make them stronger. We must not forget that many hotel chains are taking as a threat the birth of new ways of sightseeing, as could be the case of AIRBNB. Some choose to join and become stronger, as is the case with the recent merger between Marriott and Starwood. Others prefer to react, for example, like the way of her. He and all his Room Mate team face these new business models accepting as an opportunity to do different things. That’s how Matt was born.
  6. The wellness sector takes more strength. More and more hotels expand their facilities to have luxury spas or even yoga retreats. The hotels have realized that there is a large demand for relaxation tourism that seeks to rest and take care of themselves at the same time. This is how interesting alliances between health centers and aesthetics and hotel establishments arise.
  7. Hotels are looking for new concepts. The hotel competition is huge and in front of so many choices of choice for the guest, it must be unmarked and differentiated from the rest. On the one hand you can differentiate by the quality part of the service. On the other, you can specialize. In the field of this specialization, many hotels have chosen to choose a thematic idea and differentiate themselves as well. Here you will find a small compilation of thematic hotels that favor differentiation.
  8. Hotel sustainability. A few years ago, because of new legislation and increased awareness, hotel companies are betting a little more on policies related to improving corporate Social responsibility (CSR). In this post we discuss what actions the hotel can take to increase its CSR in the social, environmental and economic field.
  9. The exclusive is the new luxury. Little by little the common is losing value. The guest is looking for exclusivity. In this article that we link we can see some of the peculiar services that begin to offer some hotels in order to differentiate themselves from the competition by means of the luxury and the personalization of the services.

Up to here the hotel trends that are expected for this year you just entered. Technology, creativity and quality could be the 3 major groups in which we could classify each of the trends we have just commented on. The technology will continue to have a more important role both to guarantee the quality that the host requires as the exclusivity it seeks in the experiences it hires.

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