How to Do Emotional Marketing Effectively and Economically

Marketing strategies can be thought of as large treaties created by multinationals and large companies that have countless professionals at their service to think about it all day.

Although in some cases in fact not only these large corporations can benefit from great marketing discoveries like emotional marketing, any business, even a small one, can create valuable strategies that achieve a connection with Your customers on a permanent basis.

The emotional marketing is basically the use of strategies that allow associating the brand with emotions, making the buyer have a close relationship with this by associating it to something that thinks or feels, with what is identified.

This type of marketing focuses its efforts in that the client-brand affinity is positive by making it loyalty so much that it ends up using it for many years, even inheriting that taste to its predecessors.

Tips for doing emotional Marketing

So do not be a huge company with a gigantic capital you can take advantage of this marketing model to grow up to the smallest business, some ways to attract that good look by buyers are:

Support social causes: When a brand is linked to some social cause or demonstrates support for the community in some way gains the support of many people, in large multinationals can be seen in their commercial spots and virtual campaigns, in the smallest can Easily noticed by helping others.

As simple as if a local store welcomes people with difficult situations giving them job opportunities or donating items that no longer come out for sale, only that can make many people loyal to the good intentions.

To be part of a story: some brands look for their products to be linked to stories that stir, reach the consumer and identify with the protagonist of history, creating a relationship. Another way is to appeal to nostalgia, with elements and products that grandparents or ancestors used and that brings to the new consumers fond memories.

Sense of belonging: a good strategy of emotional marketing for growing companies is to appeal to the support of their fellow citizens to support the local industry, it usually works when the product or service in addition to being local is of good quality and to a Good price.

How to determine the emotional Marketing strategy

The big companies do it in a simple way, through psychographical segmentation and studies of consumer psychology, for these marks the technological tools like the big data or the Business analytic are the key to determining the lifestyle, values, personality and emotions that arouse products in consumers and use it for their benefit.

In smaller companies growing, the strategy of emotional marketing can be perceived through direct contact with people, to listen to their comments, to pay attention to their stories. When you have the opportunity to establish a trust relationship with the user either face-to-face or through social networks (which is very economical) it is possible to determine the best way to reach it and to make it loyal to the brand, whatever it is.

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